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Start the morning

Start the day with morning breeze
Body still alive to breathe
first breath brought rush of memories
Old moments the same feelings
Seems like living your moments twice
Catching that morning breath was nice
But going back in time,that thing i mind
Not willing to remember
Or living that moment of november
Its my new day, and now i dont care
I love being touched by that freash air
I love facing the sun with her golden ray
From this moment i started the day
Happiness calling and got to obey.
New day means new start leave the past behind you dont want to remain trapped you have your life a head and its your time to shine.



no blame on me for hating you

you never was fair

was it a race!

i am tired of this game

optimistic failed me all the time

and whatever i try,its all in vain

had the strength to move on

but what the point!

sky painted the exact emotions

and that the exact reflection

back again to the grief ocean

Like bright flash you appeared

And in seconds was your fate to disappear

One name we call your beauty angel

Your everything was perfection

?!How to reach to that angel

Had the desire to get to you

But you remain unreachable

Like shining star you were

Everyone see you but unreachable

No point of trying I know where I belong

You are one wonders of god in earth

 your glance is the only thing I get

and in every time it gets harder to forget

In reality you are unreachable

Love with no hope impossible

Alas! you remain unforgettable

And to me unreachable


Never looked at you with desire
Never was a goal to acquire
Never that big thing everyone admire
but Time proved im wrong
I looked beyond my thougths
Found the need the hunger
Never felt that when i was younger
Time pass days become tougher
this mean we are growing
Its time to Struggle
get money without trouble
Littel thing bring big things
And no doubt change many things
So Funny i was never money lover
Since Days tore the cover
Thoughts changed
And life changed.

new chapter

Reached to the point,happiness
Surrounded by that sweetness
I feel it,and i own it
Wasnt able to sense that aura
So that when i was trapped in sadness
No value for life,living with madness
Got some help,picked me up
Here i am with the winning cup
Long fight lost the battles but won the war
I can look at life eyes
And write the end lines
no doubt am tired,but feel stronger
And ready for the next chapter.


Silence dont by afraid of it
a friend came to share the sorrow
So keep away your horror
Feel the silence
Hear the silence
That aura of nothing
Brought the chills inside your soul
Nomore heavy toil
Sit with that peace of mind
And see how this peace is so kind
No fear, no voices to be hear
Talking to myself expecting no reply
Good company for your loneliness
No pity on me
Here where i belong
Here want to live long
Silence world.


I appreciate it all
You gave and you took
you gave the unthinkable
And i should be so thankful
You made the life so beautiful
You the one to be adore
Who i am to ask more
Want your life colourful
Just do what am asking for
Live enjoy and be thankful.

Start to appreciate the tiny things god gave to you ,you never know when you lose it there is no alarm and remember” you dont appreciate what you have till you lose it”
Always (alhamdulilah)


always,My forever lover
always,My own protector
The enormous mountain i see
Not even like mount olympus
carry fake god and goddess
I see truth its you father
I see perfection in you father
You could be the god,in world with no gods
You could be the one of all times
You are the strenght i have
I face fear
I face death
And im with you father.

Daddy is my power, i love you dad want you always proud

7 days cruel winter

Days and week in shadows
For monoc,age of darkness
Eagerness,and strong desire to catch the light
To combine our weak bodies with our mother* warmth
Who loves the cruel winter when there is summer!
Should be delighted and grateful for the god
the smaller thing could be everything
And we just need that tiny thing.

Your laughter echoes still
In that bright field
Where you played
So carefree littel goddess
Arms white as milk
Gathering flowers with your playmates
When the earth shook
And through the crumbling ground
Your monstrous lover burst
An uninvited guest
Snatching you away
Plucking your innocence
As you had plucked flowers
Only moments before..
When your mother learned of the abduction
Her grife stopped the earth,the moon,the stars,in their tracks
The world became eternal winter
There was no consolation,no solace,no moving on..
by: walter wykes

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