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Incomplete details

its not the end you think

i am not over i still

that contract consumes me

paid joy luck and whole life for immortality

love pushed me to sign

love dragged me to hell

on edge willing to surrender

so tired want the end

days alike in calendar

choked fully insane

i forgot that i whom made the deal

and i whom chose that trail

no turning back ,noway to run

no cancellation for what i have done


Rage ~ sick spirit

Here iam gathering the rage
Again im falling to face my fate
That moment of rejection
Was a painful injection
Pumped all toxic thoughts
Made the body full of hates
Just like kratos rage against the fates
Fury turned pure to sick spirits
One way to commit such acts
Never regretful to be satisfied
You created the grudge which filled me
So take your place and watch me.

Dedicated to life and sick people who made me down

Death~undenial truth

Your death beyond our expections
That one moment,nightmares became real
Faced it with mind full of questions
Could it be true,no more of you!
Life is about weirdness
No place for weakness
But that is death
When the strongest mountain crash down on earth
When the bravest mortal face the end of his birth
The one undenail truth
ready to snatch all unstoppable
That is death
The sore truth never was a fable
So that the end tears fall hopeless
Life goes on and you remain helpless.

Obliged to face your absence R.I.P

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