Many people see islam as arbitrary religion and the religion of terrorism but the truth beyond that all,islam didnt mention to kill the innocent people even if they were having grudge against us the muslims or hate our religion we have no right to judge them,and the big mistake which caused the denigration of islam that accident of 11 september the terrorism action that was stupid what the point of destroying two towers full of innocent people ?do you think that called jehaad? Do you think allah ordered us to do such a crime ? Sick minds go and read our holy book again and find the true meaning of jehaad go and see what our prophet muhmmed (pbuh) said about killing annocent souls,one wrong action lighted the flame of hatred and drew that ugly picture of islam and spread the fear,i just wanna say our religion is great and dont judge the book of his cover its just a bunch of narrow minded persons misunderstood meaning of islam.